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Bum rate is the speed at which a start-up business consumes money. My rate would be $50,000 a month when my new media company started. So, I began looking around for individuals who would be my first investors. “Angel money” it was called. But when I reviewed my list of acquaintances to find those who might be able to help, I found the number got small.

With no other choices, I began meeting with the venture-capital companies. But I was warned they took a huge share of your company for the money they put in. And if you struggled, they could drop you cold.

As I was searching for “angel money”, I started to build a team who trusted me even though I didn’t have money for paychecks yet.

Bill Becker was an expert in computer programming and image processing at a very famous Media Lab at M.I.T. With his arrival, my company suddenly had a major technology “guy” in-house.

Katherine Henderson, a filmmaker and a former real-estate dealer, joined us as our director of market research. Steve White came on as operating office. He had worked for the developer of a home-finance software, Quicken. We grabbed him.

We had some really good people, but we still didn’t have enough money. One night, my neighbor, Louise Johnson, came for a visit. She and I were only nodding acquaintances, but her boys and ours were constant companions. She ran a very good business at the time.

Louise was brilliant and missed nothing. She had been watching my progress closely. She knew I was dying for money and I had prospects but could offer no guarantees of success.

She told me that her attorney had talked to mine and the terms had been agreed upon. She handed me an envelope. Inside was a check for $500,000.

I almost fell down. I heard her voice as if from heaven.

“I have confidence in your plan.” she said. “You’ll do well. You’re going to work for it, but it’s satisfying when you build your own company.”

Who could have thought I’d find an angel so close to home? There were no words sufficient for the moment. We just said good night. She left and I just stood there, completely humbled and completely committed.

1. For a newly-established business, bum rate refers to _____.

A. the salary it pays to its staff B. the interest it pays to the bank

C. the way in which it raises capital D. the speed at which it spends money

2. By“Angel money”, the author refers to _____.

A. the money borrowed from banks B. the money spent to promote sales

C. the money raised from close friends D. the money needed to start a business

3. To get help from a venture-capital company, you may have to _____.

A. put up with unfair terms B. change your business line

C. enlarge your business scope D. let them operate your business

4. The author easily built a team of his company because _____.

A. they were underpaid at their previous jobs

B. they were turned down by other companies

C. they were confident of the author and his business

D. they were satisfied with the salaries in his company

5. Louise decided to lend money to the author because _____.

A. she wanted to join his company

B. she knew he would build a team

C. she knew his plan would succeed

D. she wanted to help promote his sales

1.【答案】D。解析:細節題。從文章第一段“Bum rate is the speed at which a start-up business consumes money.”可知,D項正確。

2.【答案】D。解析:推斷題。從文章第一段“So, I began looking around for individuals who would be my first investors. “Angel money” it was called.”可知“Angel money”是第一批投資商投入的資金,此時公司剛剛成立,從而可以推斷“Angel money”是用來創業的,故選D項。

3.【答案】A。解析:推斷題。文章第二段“But I was warned they took a huge share of company for the money they put in.”可知,投資公司會拿走公司很大一部分股份,因此這種交易是不公平的。故選A項。

4.【答案】C。解析:推斷題。文章第三段“I started to build a team who trusted me even though I didn’t have money for paychecks yet.”由此可見,團隊成員對作者及其創辦的公司很有信心,否則不會不計后果地給他做事。故選C項。

5.【答案】C。解析:細節題。由文章倒數第五段“She knew I was dying for money and I had prospects …”可知,Louise認為作者的公司很有希望。故選C項。


People are being lured (引誘) onto Facebook with the promise of a fun, free service, and don’t realize that they’re paying for it by giving up loads of personal information. Facebook then attempts to make money by selling their data to advertisers that want to send targeted messages.

Most Facebook users don’t realize this is happening. Even if they know what the company is up to, they still have no idea what they’re paying for Facebook, because people don’t really know what their personal details are worth.

The biggest problem, however, is that the company keeps changing the rules. Early on, you could keep everything private. That was the great thing about Facebook — you could create your own little private network. Last year, the company changed its privacy rules so that many things — your city, your photo, your friends’ names — were set, by default (默認), to be shared with everyone on the Internet.

According to Facebook’s vice president Elliot Schrage, the company is simply making changes to improve its service, and if people don’t share information, they have a “less satisfying experience”.

Some critics think this is more about Facebook looking to make more money. Its original business model, which involved selling ads and putting them at the side of the page, totally failed. Who wants to look at ads when they’re online connecting with their friends?

The privacy issue has already landed Facebook in hot water in Washington. In April, Senator Charles Schumer called on Facebook to change its privacy policy. He also urged the Commission to set guidelines for social-networking sites. “I think the senators rightly communicated that we had not been clear about what the new products were and how people could choose to use them or not to use them.” Schrage admits.

I suspect that whatever Facebook has done so far to invade (侵犯) our privacy, it’s only the beginning, which is why I’m considering deactivating (撤銷) my account. Facebook is a handy site, but I’m upset by the idea that my information is in the hands of people I don’t trust. That is too high a price to pay.

6. What do we learn about Facebook from the first paragraph?

A. It is a website that sends messages to targeted users.

B. It makes money by putting on advertisements.

C. It earns money by selling its user’s personal data.

D. It provides a lot of information to its users.

7. What does the author say about most Facebook users?

A. They don’t know their personal data enriches Facebook.

B. They are unwilling to give up their personal information.

C. They don’t identify themselves when using website.

D. They care very little about their personal information.

8. Why does Facebook make changes to its rules according to Elliot Schrage?

A. To help its users make more friends.

B. To obey the Federal guidelines.

C. To make money by attracting more users.

D. To offer better service to its users.

9. What does Senator Charles Schumer argue for?

A. Setting guidelines for advertising on websites.

B. Setting rules for social-networking sites.

C. Stopping sharing user’s personal information.

D. Removing ads from all social-networking sites.

10. Why does the author plan to stop using his Facebook account?

A. He is dissatisfied with its service.

B. He finds many of its users untrustworthy.

C. He doesn’t want his personal data abused.

D. He is upset by its frequent rule changes.

6.【答案】C。解析:考查細節理解題。根據Facebook then attempts to make money by selling their data to advertisers that want to send targeted messages.可知Facebook通過賣用戶的信息來掙錢。故選C。

7.【答案】A。解析:考查細節理解題。根據Facebook then attempts to make money by selling their data to advertisers that want to send targeted messages. Most Facebook users don’t realize this is happening.可知A正確。故選A。

8.【答案】D。解析:考查細節題,根據第四段第一句話According to Facebook’s vice president Elliot Schrage, the company is simply making changes to improve its service可知提高服務質量就是更好地服務于用戶。故選D。

9.【答案】B。解析:考查細節題,根據倒數第二段第二行He also urged the Commission to set guidelines for social-networking sites.可知答案。guideline指導方針是rule的同義詞。故選B。

10.【答案】C。解析:考查細節理解題。根據I’m upset by the idea that my information is in the hands of people I don’t know. That’s too high a price to pay.可知作者就是對個人信息泄漏這件事情不滿。故選C。



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